Our vineyards are cultivated with
a deep respect for the environment


1. Harvesting the grapes

Grapes for DOC wines are harvested up to a week earlier than those for making Port in order to preserve their natural freshness, ideal levels of acidity and to avoid excessive alcoholic strength (which can result from overly ripened grapes with high sugar contents).

3. Crushing

After a light crushing, the selected grapes are released from above (a gravity fed system) into the fermentation vats. This ensures that the berries reach the vats in optimal condition, preserving all their natural properties whilst reducing the risk of rough-edged tannins to a minimum.

2. Grape Selection

The grapes are vinified in the Symington family's state-of-the-art Douro DOC winery at Quinta do Sol, where they are subjected to a thorough selection process.

4. Ageing

Altano Red wine is then transferred into 225, 300 or 400 litre seasoned French and American oak casks where it is aged for a minimum of four months in the Symington family’s cellars. Altano Organic and Altano Reserva are aged in partially new French and American oak casks respectively.



Altano is produced from traditional Portuguese grape varieties, ideal for thriving in the sometimes harsh environment that is the Douro Valley.  Find out more about our grape varieties.

Find out more about our grape varieties.

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